Multi-button Mouse

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I feel I must alert you folks to the beauty that is working on CAD and other 3D (in fact any editing software), with an MMO-type mouse like this one. There are quite a few out there but I've only tried this one and it's fucking great. I'm using it with Revit and have all 12 side buttons assigned to various commands. You can make different configurations for each program and then within each program you can make different configurations for that particular program. So basically even if you run out of buttons you can do that or if you don't want to have to go to open Synapse to cycle configurations, you can just assign new shortcuts in your program (e.g "ctrl+ <the shortcut you've applied to button 1>") so effectively you have unlimited combinations and basically your memory is the only thing that limits how many shortcuts you can use. It took me 3-4 days to memorise what I assigned to each button but now it's become second nature, to the point where I get annoyed when I have to use a normal mouse.

tl;dr MMO mice for 3D software fucking rule