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I think I know the answer but I want to know how true it is.

Basically, I'm contemplating going to a gradute program of a multimedia degree or switching for something else. I have an undergraduate in multimedia and it was a web development, some audio and video and design. On the other hand, graduate program basically has subjects in some more audio and video and 3 OF THEM ARE IN 3D.

This is the key part. I am pretty sure that students just go through some theory and learn to use programs for 3D. The subjects are:

>3D modelling
>3D lighting
>3D animation

I want to know realistically. Is there even a point choosing that degree with that kind of program I mentioned? Audio/video parts are not important to me because I can easily learn that from YT. The same can be said for 3D too ofc, just like with everything else but still. The main difference from undergraduate and graduate is 3D and thus it is a key part.

Is there any worth in it? We would probably model basic objects, like chairs, telephones, houses etc. I am fully aware that with just one subject in every part of it I couldn't possibly get good, but am wondering if I could be getting a good fundamentals in this way. I'm a creative type but whatever.

Anyway, I feel like it is not very worth it, but want to know your opinions. And also, if thaf wasn't clear already, I don't have any exp with 3D nor 2D animation. I haven't drawn much either but I am not bad at it.