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Ok, /3/, here's a job for you. This is basically a whoever wants to do it type of job. It's not really a job, just a quick modelling type of thing. Let's see who can design the best stainless steel headphones in 15 minutes, that's the rule, you have only 15 minutes, we don't need materials. Just model it as fast as you can, here's what I did in exactly 15 mins. I couldn't even mirror it properly, but it doesn't matter. It was a fun 15 minutes activity. Do you, anon, have the balls to do the same and post your results? Anyway, I'm a shitty modeler, so let's see what /3/ can do. You can work on the concept as long as you like, but the modelling part must be 15 minutes, there's no point in lying, this is a contest for yourself, not to prove to us that you're better. Let's go!