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I have gone through all the tutorials in 3dsmax and played around a bit, as well as practising some importing from sketchup stuff.

I am looking for tutorials on using vray with 3ds max or honestly just some general tips.

Rendering is pretty new to me, most of my experience is modelling on sketchup so I have been a bit overwhelmed with all the rendering options for Vray, but I want to get better at it. I know it will come with time but I would love some advice on just some general 'good' settings, maybe that I can even save as a template and then work form there and adjust.

One of my biggest gripes is that I'll go watch a vray tutorial on youtube and then out of no where half of them import images from places that they dont give links to or not even cover what their current render settings are, and when i follow their instructions my shit always looks vastly different.