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are there any good 3D Character generators that dont aim to be too detailed ' realistic?

i'm an 'independent filmmaker' who recently became somewhat disabled, making it hard to pursue live action projects.

do to the advances in 3D what with really cheap and easy motion capture, i think learning 3D may be my only option. I currently know the basics to programs like Blendr and spent a lot of itme on lightwave. i know how to rig and animate the characters, not much else, but i intend to learn.

but the one thing i hate more than anything is character designing. I see a lot of programs out there that help make character designing easier, but they seem to go for more 'realistic' models, and im trying to find something with more cartoony options. designs closer to Frozen and less like silent hill.

are there character model generators out there like this? i cannot seem to find any that arent either uber serious or show no previews.