Wont shit up your board too long

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Newfag to /3/, wont be long, sorry.

I like to paint, but I am shit at drawing. I would like to find a program that most easily lets me set up scenes I can screencap and trace onto a canvas, simple like al la pic related for example.

I dont need all the bells and whistles of the high tier programs. Really I just want a pose-able human reference, and the ability to place simple blocks/walls near it, so i can know how to draw my perspectives properly.

things im looking for
-good freeflying camera (with zoom and ability to change FOV angle).
-has default human models
-easy to place and pose simple 3d props and actors

Sorry for taking time on your board, I'll be thankful for any help I receive.

>I read the sticky but all those seemed to be for serious 3d modelers. I just want low poly poses.