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ok i need some help with this.

I want to get into poser and rendering and all that. I tried that out a few years back and it seems to have changed a lot. So if someone knows this shit, please help me clear up some of my confusion, I am a complete newfag.

There is Daz3d studio which is free and poser which seems to cost money. Are both from the same company? I thought it was called "daz3d poser" at some point. What is the difference? When should I get one instead of the other?

There seem to be base figures like Genesis 1, 2 and 3. They seem to be bundled with Daz3d studio. Are items like clothes and poses exclusively just for one character "edition"? How does that work?

All the stuff you can buy from renderosity seems to require one of those base characters. With Genesis x models, I know what they mean. But often they seem to require v4 or victoria or something else.
Where can I see all available characters?
What are they called exactly? Is genesis x a model, a character, a version, ???
Are those characters free? Where can I get/buy them?

Where can you buy models and accessories? I know of renderosity, renderotica and the daz3d store. Is there more? Are there better ones?

Where can I pirate content when I'm too cheap buying them? I found some stuff on kickasstorrents and on piratebay. Are there better sites?