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Hey folks, so something's been bugging me lately and I'm hoping y'all might just have an answer.

Essentially, I'm rendering in 3DS Max with VRay Adv 3.20.02, and I feel like even relatively simple scenes take a lot longer to render than they should. Granted it seems to mostly be the fault of things like reflective textures (pictured: example) and shadow mattes, and trying to increase the sampling rates a little to avoid heinous flickering in dimly lit areas (also pictured, but still super splotchy), but even so I don't think it should be this bad really, like 24 hours just for 150 frames at 960x540.

SO, here's my system specs; - Near as I can tell the CPU is where the system is bottlenecking, but I don't think the CPU is that behind the times really short of dropping $2k on a new one, so let me know if anything appears heinously misconfigured.

After that, all I can think is to mention the GI render engines - using Irradiance map as my primary, and Brute force as secondary.

Thanks, here's hoping I've been extremely stupid somehow and I'm not just completely boned.