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Hello, totally new into 3d here.
I'm using 3dsmax and substance painter. I want to create a normal map for a mesh using the two of these programs. I don't want to do it with zbrush or inside max with progection. I want to do it in substance painter.

Here's is my workflow: I unwrap uvw the low poly mesh and extract as an fbx. Then I apply to the same mesh a turbosmooth (I've got supporting loops etc, it is a same mesh but with a turbosmooth) and uvw unwrap it and save that as an fbx as well.

Then I go to substance paint, load the low res and bake the normal map with adding the extract details from the high res model.
The normal map DOES get created and it DOES get applied inside max to the low res model.
The problem is that that it looks totally off. I don't get the result I want.

tl:dr I want low poly object to look like if it is turbosmoothed, while maintaining the low numbers of polys. How do I do it with substance painter and 3dsmax?