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What's the correct procedure to animate using modifiers? Whenever I try to animate with a modifier, I can't use the set key method. I set key, move to the next frame, input the new parameters for the modifier, and then set key. When I move from that frame, the new parameter disappear from the modifier and both frames are the same.

The auto key command works, but most of the time, it creates a key at the frame I want, and at the very start of the movie, which requires me to move it in the timeline.

The effect I'm trying to achieve is, for instance, melting a character at a certain frame of the movie.

I've just had my assignment due for 3ds max class. I had no time to figure this out because I started working on it too late, but I'm kind of curious now since I think it's somewhat more fun and rewarding to work in this program despite how fucking cumbersome it seems to be compared to the architectural software I am used to.