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Ok, Anyone willing to help me with this?
I have a 3d printer, and I have a thing I want to make, and I do not want to use pre made parts.

What it is is the the corner for a cardboard box, I'm going to glue it in place to make the thing have a bit more durability.

The issue is I suck dick at all 3d programs. In fact the first thing I made was with freecad, and the way I made it was i defined every fucking edge line, then selected them and made a face, while this worked, you can imagine how fucking tedious it was.

So I decided that maybe Modo would be able to get me the results I want faster. The issue is while the freecad has tutorials that dealt in very specific measurements, modo... well... shit doesn't have any, or at least nothing obvious.

So my question is can anyone point me in the right direction, if not help me?
If there is a better non cad program better suited for this, I'm all ears, and I want non cad because from my understanding most cad programs assume quatro or firepro and have crashing issues on non pro systems, that and for the most part, I don't require precise measurements so the tools in modo or other packages should be more then enough, the issues comes when I run into things where i do need a precise measurement.