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Hello /3/ I have been learning 3D for the past two years and feel like I know enough to make a game. The issue that keeps coming up constantly is the feeling of hopelessness and failure to see the point. Over the last year I have tried to make over six games and one game in 2014. These ideas seem like great ideas to me at least and in the moment I get to work on the game. I have started more projects than I have ever finished in my life, always mid project after I make a bunch of assets or textures or start animating. Always mid project I start to get the feeling of whats the point in even doing this, I get so discouraged from doing it that I just stop. Regardless of planning out the project or not it always happens.

Can anyone relate? Am I alone in this melancholy? The past two years have been so depressing because of this empty feeling of not being able to complete a project. In the past I considered working with other people might help with this problem but it still occurs, I no longer want to work with anyone else because I know I will waste their time even though I wish not to.
Does anyone have any perspective that could help me in anyway? Sorry to dump this 3d-epression on /3/, I have no where to go. I'm sure this comes off as a big pity party for me, I don't want that.