Best computer for CG

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So my girlfriend left me for her childhood friend (much taller richer dude). Haven't been sober in a month, just trips to the superstore for vodka and sleep/crying.

We had been saving for a holiday, to Fiji. Pretty sure she is going with childhood friend now. The point is though, I've got some spare cash. Most of it I'm saving but i have decided I'm going to splurge and buy a new PC.

I just moved to my dads, I've been doing my 3d work on my old ass macbook (go ahead laugh i was in love) and haven't researched new tech in a while.

So my question is does a gaming rig necessarily make a good 3d rig? or should i have something built specific to 3D? I was thinking something like this but i don't know....I would ask /g/ but fuck them and also i would like to ask both the people i have kinship with and who have experience with computer graphics, not ricing there desktop and masturbating to hentai. Thanks and i apologist if i come of as a bitch with this or its to long i'm getting wasted again. Feel free to offer advice on how to stop this pain too that would be good but yeah computer is my main focus.