If were starting tomorrow , what would you choose?

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If you start modeling today, what would you choose, and why?

Yes i've read the sticky more than once tho.

I'm looking foward to improve my skills in 3D , i already know Rhino which i can say is a complete piece of shit but hey it was the only think I learned in college (my teacher seemed to know less than me kek)

Here's why I don't like Rhino , I don't master de software but I feel like every step I do is destructive and if I need to ajust something later like a fillet or something I had do do it again instead of simply adjust its radius. I feel like working with rhino is like moving two steps foward and one backwards.

I want to get to know 3D better to achieve some realistic vizualizations for example advertising and stuff. I believe I could never achieve something like this in Rhino for example


If i wanted to put those ice cubes (MassFX) i would had to do it manually on Rhino...
I want something that could be good to model some mockups (to render and do some mockups like those you see in creative market / graphic river).
I also have a slight interest in ArchViz and car modeling, I don't have interest in animation yet.

3DsMax always seemed the way to go because it has tons of documentation, lots of modifiers, lots of plugins but I've read rumors (also here in /3/) that autodesk is ditching that shit, I don't want to start learning something that takes years to master if it's already in it's deathbed.

Maya, I have a friend that started with Max and now moved to Maya he says he is not turning back, he told me if he was starting now he would go directly to Maya. (I never opened Maya in my life)

Cinema 4D, well can't say much about it.. I've seen pretty cool things modeled and rendered with it , I liked the clean aspect of the renders to fit into /gd/ but maybe its just the render engine.. I have no ideia how it is in terms of modelling etc.

Sorry for the long post..