DCC Applications by Market

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Once upon a time, different DCC applications were the standard for different types of markets that used them. For instance, Lightwave was the go to program for television CG work, because of the very fast workflow, while Max was the one people used for games most often. There was crossover, of course, but the trends were definitely visible.

I'm wondering which programs dominate which parts of the market now. I ask because I am thinking about focusing my efforts these days toward getting as good as I can with one package, rather than having so-so skills with a lot of them. I want to choose which I focus on by which sector I'll be likely to work in.

So, how about it /3/? Which DCC applications are most prominent in which fields (print work, product visualization, architectural visualization, previz, television, movies, games, etc)?

Of course, I know you have to have skills in the secondary programs that are commonly used, like ZBrush, Photoshop, and so forth. Also, please don't make this a 'ur software a shit' thread. I just wanna know what gets used for which part of the industry.