PS2 era Horror Games

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How would you go about recreating this sort of "style" you see mainly in ps2 era japanese horror games in game engines like Unity or Unreal?

First thing I notice very high contrast textures(very dark darks and very bright lights) . Detail and shadows mostly part of the diffuse texture. Most likely no normal maps. Some kind of color correction maybe? Pre baked lightmaps for static enviroment. What kind of shaders are mainly used?

For Resident Evil 4 it almost looks like they used some kind of matcap or some sort of rim lighting shader that makes the edges pitch black on the humanoid/player/non-static characters kind like a fresnel.

I dont really want to mimic the no-anti-aliasing part.

Why I want this? I kinda feel like some of the magic of ps2 era horror games was lost when transitioning to ps3/360 (just talking about graphics here) With the heavy reliance on mostly only diffuse textures and limited hardware/shader models you were able to create a certain eery off look that you seemingly cant create with more realistic lightning solutions. Also part of it maybe that you have more room for imagination. Thats why I think dated looking games can still spook you just as much if not even more than more recent games because it looks "off" and provides more room for imagination,

Pls correct me if I am wrong or I am missing something on the technical details.

(going to dump more pictures)