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Does this board not have a general questions thread? I don't feel this is important enough to warrant it's own thread but I don't see anywhere else to ask it.

Anyway, I'm wondering if in blender there's a way to either straighten out the curved bit of the uvs in my screenshot here so that the whole thing is straight, or do some fuckery with modifiers to make an arrayed curve shrinkwrap to it without having to apply the curve modifier first.

I'm trying to convert a track from one racing game to another, but they use different methods to get a track in game. The one I'm converting from uses two meshes, one for the bumpy physical road that the physics engine interacts with, and another much simpler one that the game renders visually. The one I'm converting to only uses one mesh.

That physics mesh isn't uv mapped at all, so I want to transfer the UVs from the simpler visual mesh to the complex physics one, so that the physics one would look like the visible one in game. I don't think that's possible in blender since they have different amounts of vertices, so I figure I'll probably just have to make a new road from scratch and then shrinkwrap it to the physics mesh.

The only way I know how to texture roads easily is to make an array of planes, texture that and then warp that into a track shape with a curve modifier, which I've done already. The problem comes when I want to shrinkwrap the new road onto that physics mesh, it obviously messes up the UVs. If I didn't have to apply the curve modifier first in order to apply the shrinkwrap modifier I could just unwrap the (now shrinkwapped) mesh into a completely straight road shape, adjust the scaling, and then reapply the curve modifier and it would end up as an exact copy of the physics mesh but with uvs that allow me to texture it exactly like the visible mesh.

Is it even possible to get around this in blender? Sorry if this makes no sense, it's kinda hard to explain.

Thanks senpais