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>mom asked me for my Christmas list
>sent her one, ONE thing: a link to the GTX 970 on Newegg
>didn't ask for ANYTHING else
>spend all month excited to finally upgrade my computer and finally being able to render realistic 3D models quickly
>open my gifts and it's a bunch of clothes, DVDs, stupid random shit like cheap earbuds, and gift cards to restaurants
>think it's a joke and she'll bring out my 970 until she asks me if I enjoyed my gifts and starts cleaning up the wrapping paper
>can't control myself and wind up flipping out on her in front of my entire family and we start screaming at each other until my uncle breaks us up and my mom sends me to my room
been locked in here all day angry as fuck while my family watches movies

Stupid fucking bitch. Why even ask me what I want if you're just going to ignore me and waste money on stupid shit I will literally NEVER use.