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First time posting so don't kill me, please.
These are just some random inquiries, really. I'm a 2D animator who uses 3D spaceship models as a base and then hand colours them frame by frame to try and attain a "hand drawn" retro anime feel.
An example:

And the technique I use:

This is totally not final, but my next pro gig is looking like it will be a 60-90 second anime rendition of stage 1 of the classic arcade game R-Type -

So basically, I'm wondering if anyone cares to either
>have a go at knocking up some really really simple 3D models that I can then use as reference and manually paint/detail for the animation.
>one in a million chance, but does anyone know of any R-Type 3D models already out there? Specifically pic related end boss?

I can model really basic shit myself, but the tricky part here is lack of reference material. Luckily there are loads of model kits and whatnot of the main player ship (the "R-9 Arrowhead") to go off, but as for the "enemies," there's just these sprites to go by (partway down the page starting at the red enemy spaceship):

So, the missile launching mech for instance... it's a side view only, so how wide is it? What does it look like from the top? We just don't know.