Ok so i did this thing

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Basically, I made this trippy asf video w/ sad music in the background. No keyframes in the entire thing, just paths and drivers, n i was pretty stoked about it. Took something like 10 hours to render, woke up this morning tho, and had to spend most of the morning adjusting and rerendering a part of it because the camera was going through part of the wall >.<

video is here:
U can see my patch around 1:20
My question is, does anyone know why in the fking hell the wall got poofed out when it rendered. The pre thing worked fine.

>>yea im somewhat new 2 blender so small words pl.
>>also no, its not a click bait, I hate ads, theyre not supposed to be on my videos, but i used a copywrited song sowfuibf lhbgj,