How do I give my 3d work that animated feel?

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I've been working with photorealism for so long that working with stylized rendering seems alien to me.
Christmas is dawning upon us t/3/apots, and my church wants me to create an animated short film about the story of the birth of Jesus of Nazareth.

I happily obligued because I am a /pol/ browser which means in effect I am a conservative bible thumper and have been my whole life.

Anyways, I'll use Blender for modeling and Maya for animation. I'll also use Pixar's Renderman for lighting and rendering because it just feels right for this job, plus I have used it quite often, especially since it works great with Mudbox's Ptex texturing and vector displacement system.

So bottom line is I am looking for tips, tutorials, material tips, lighting advice, etc.

Really I need help mostly with creating characters with
>muh stylized proportions
a.k.a., that "cartoonish" feel