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So, I started university this year and I will be focusing on VFX, compositing and filmmaking.
The university bought a lot of expensive camera equipment this year and even more next year. 4K, RAW, etc.
Now, even though they have all of that shit shit, they aren't even considering getting computers that can handle all of that data. They still have only Imacs, and not even the newest ones. Not a single Mac Pro.

My guess is, that it's smarter to invest a lot of money into a good rig that can handle my own projects, instead of using the shitty Imacs in the computer pool.
Instead of buying my own camera gear, which I can just get from the university for free, or rent out for a day or two project-based.

I am perfectly willing to spend up to 3,000€ on a computer in the next 12 months, but I am not a hardware-guy. What would you get that gives you the most flexibility between 3D (Blender, Maya, Arnold rendering) and 2D (compositing, editing, grading)?

No memes, pls.