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fuck /3/ its been about a year and i still cant get the hang of the final detailing phase of a sculp in zbrush. im happy my basic low poly shape and the basic forms but once i sub div up to the 1 mill + zone i cant detail for shit. i try hand sculpting wrinkes/skin folds by hand (dem standart) and they are just boring lines on a flat surface (i try puffing it up by going in between with a standard brush but as expected its a cut line with a standard line next to it, nothing dynamic or interesting about)
i try useing the alphas but as expected it just lines stamped on a boring flat surface.
im really starting to get discouraged because every time i sculpt at low poly i get think "this is gonna be grate" than get to high poly and it looks lumpy flat and boring and exactly like the model before it.

i know its good to spot your mistakes but i been trying to fix it and im pretty much at the same place as i was a year ago"

pic is kinda related, not my work its a Jordu Schell model, but thats the type of detail i want from my model