Furry Modeling / Animation

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I know "furries" eww. However; aside from that. I am curious if there ARE programs like Poser or DAZ that have pre-made furry creatures / monsters. ( Monsters in general too. )

I've only started learning to use Blender. I have no interest in Maya / 3D Max as last time I used them they where so bad I gave up on 3D for years. ( I know things can change but no thanks, another thread to argue that no doubt exist. )

My question is: It seems like there is literally ZERO 3D models I've seen involving furry type of characters, I think of them more as monsters without being like Resident evil like etc... I'm curious about what a talented 3D modeler animator would do to make believe looking furry monsters, animations and the like. Sure with the sex stuff, but just in general...

Any ideas where I could get some help on making those types of creatures?

I already know about a 3D sex porgram with 3D models, already modeled etc but not what I mean. I mean literally showing steps to making models, animating them rigging etc...

I want to see how its generally done, cause at the moment, my understanding is great with human anatomy, but animal characteristics mixed with human topology in 3D I can't quite figure out how too begin.

I want something believe not a human body with a placed holder zebra head or whatever.

Blender / ZBrush ( just got ) traditional drawing, digital drawing is my back ground. I have a Wacom 4 tablet, large.