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Hi! I've been working on a model based on this image reference:

I've really hit a snag when it comes to hair though, I can't seem to make it nice and "fluffy", give it that volume I see in well done models of this kind. No matter how much I push and full verts, it just looks like a bunch of flabby banana peels instead of actual hair

Anything I can do to make it more natural? I've followed this tutorial for the basic body...

...and tried to follow this one, for the front of the hair at least:

Even though I'm going through game design in university, I don't have character modelling classes yet, so this project is mainly for fun (and to try and impress my teachers, admittedly). It's my first model too, and as such, I'm aiming to learn and improve as much as possible. So, if it's not a bother, feel free to point out any flaws, and as many things that can be corrected as possible so far.

And here's the Maya project folder thus far, in case it's necessary:

The idea was to go through the modelling > texturing > rigging process for this, to eventually put it in a game engine. Thank you very much for your time in advance!