baking out a simulation to bones

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Hey guys, I've been trying to get this working for awhile now and I'm not sure where i'm going wrong.

Basically need to get a cloth sim into Unity. Unity's realtime cloth is pretty bad so we're looking for a prebaked solution.

I have the megafiers plugin which lets you play back a nCache but the issue with that is, since the clothing is a seperate mesh, when i blend the ncache for it to loop, it moves away from the character for a few frames.

I've tried placing an array of bones and parenting them to verts then baking the simulation to those bones. This works but when I try to skin the bones back to the mesh, it looks terrible and just deforms incorrectly no matter what skinning settings I use.

I've also tried using bone chains and creating ik spline handles and parenting them to a few curves on the mesh. I then bake this out and it all works fine until I try to skin it back and I get a similarly bad result.

I have no idea what im doing wrong at this point. I can't find much information on any of this on the web. I just need a way to get a decent looking cloth sim baked to a few bones so I can get it in game :(.