Seek some help

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I'm pretty sure it's going to fail... But let's try.
Hey there, me and some friends are second year in an french IT school, because we're tired of making some boring queue/stack/graph pgrm, we want to make a game, the problem is, we have no skill in 3d nor 2d. So yeah... If someone wants to lend a hand, it would be cool.
The game would be running on UE 4 (we're still learning on it tho) and would probably never be on the market, it's just something to kill time.
In short words (because i'll get TLDR), the game would be set in a space ship, where you can move inside and control different parts of it (guns, core, helm...) and you have to explore sectors (like FTL) and change the guns, the hull. etc to survive.
This game is challenging in code but we can't start without some basic assets, like the ship, the guns and the crew (and enemies).
I hope someone will help us, if not, have a nice day!