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hey /3 i have a very serious life changing question that i need your opinions on.
so im graduating from a shitty community college in few months and i wanna take this 3D game seriously, so i really want to continue my education at gnomon school of visual effects and just want to know if you guys think its worth it. i haven't heard anything but good things about it so far. i also been told that gnomon is a grate way to get your foot threw the doors when starting out because of all the contacts and connections you make.
also I watch thair live streams when they do these 4 hour long events where they bring top artists to teach stuff. they had the artists from Riot Games this week talking about importance of 2d in 3d

so is it worth attending?

i know a lot of people say "just be self thought its not that hard" but i kinda feel i'll develop faster and improve my skills better by having a professional point out all the mistakes i make and help me improve my skills face to face rather than just me do it myself and not know if its good or not other than people on the internet just saying "its shit"