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/3/ help me with whatever you can.

im working on a school project where i wanna create a like 15-30 sec foggy Forrest scene render and my shit looks absolutely garbage.
first i tried to use high res grass and trees and it lagged so hard that my computer crashed when trying to make a small change so i moved on to using grass planes and low res trees with plane braces and not light doesn't pass threw it the trees and the grass looks shit awesome. the terrain size is pretty big yet u can see the end and the background (horizon) is pure white
i tried using atmosphere to try and fog it p in the back but doesn't work since its bright white

if you have any tips. tutorials or anything that can help me that would be grate. or point out anything im doing wrong. the scene isnt finish, but at this point its so awesome there is no point of continuing

pic related, its the render