Zbrush v. Maya + overall production pipeline discussion

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scatterbrained atm, been working on finals and wanted to post something and take a break for a bit. so sorry for if this makes no sense.

>can we please have an intelligent conversation of the pros and cons of Zbrush vs Mudbox.

ive been talking to my teachers that work at many of the large studios around LA/Hollywood area and have been told about how zbrush is really only used for blockouts, more of a concept sculpting program. Mudbox is a production sculpting program because it has a much better workflow and ease of use for production

>nobody uses zremesher is the industry
>nobody uses polypaint in the industry
>nobody uses fiber mesh in the industry
>bad program workflow

>but that dynamesh
>but those brushes

I like both programs but have been using it how ive been told it will work at a company.

>block out zbrush
>finish in Mudbox
>bake in Xnormal
>retopo in Maya
>UV in headus
>rig/animate in maya
>paint in either Substance or Mari ( or mudbox, but its not preferred )
>hair in shave&haircut
>render/light in arnold

so what i'm basically asking is what you guys think about Zbrush vs Mudbox. and the overall standard production pipeline.