Why is Blender so retarded?

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Who thought it was a smart idea to make the material editor so idiotic?
Why is the option to add a texture to your material channels not readily available from the beginning?

Nevermind the fact you have to google where to find the material editor in the first place unless you want to click on every fucking button looking for it, versus any other 3D application where you will always find a clearly labeled menu related to materials and anything else, and some sort of right-click menu for adding a material directly to an object.

What's the fucking point of the top menu called "Window" if it doesn't actually list and open the various editors in Blender, like a material editor? There's only a few things under Window, whereas the things that should be there are for some stupid reason off to the left of the File menu, inside an icon that is usually associated with opening the INFO documentation in all other softwares... The amount of bad design decisions in this program is bonkers.