Going from Hammer to UDK (UE4)

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Hello /3/

I am new to this board. I have always mapped alot in Hammer Editor but since time changes I am in need for something more modern. I am currently trying to understand UE4/UDK but I have some problems with texturing.

I know how to do brushwork or meshes, but I absolutely fail at texturing them.

I have already googled this, youtubed it, asked in the official forums but I just cannot find a good tutorial that I understand for the life of me. So I am kindly asking if anyone here would be by hero and walk me through the progress.

Basicly what I need is: I have made a block mesh and the texture scale is 1:1. But I want to later drag and change the block in size so I can build my walls, without the texture itself stretching along with the block.

It would really really mean alot to me if anyone can help a total noob with this.

I thank you alot